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Rediscover The Feeling Of Being Blown Away By A Sermon! On this podcast, the Best Preachers In America Unwrap And Present The Scriptures With Insights That Can Change Your Life. The Podcast That Inspires And Uplifts!

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Inspiration When You're Hurting

Exceptionally talented preachers describe how God gets you through the most difficult times.

Inspiration When You're Wondering

Confused? Learn how to discern God's will for your life, and overcome fear and anxiety.

Inspiration When You're Seeking

Hear the insights of great preachers as they describe how you can strengthen your relationship with God.

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Discover 5 of the most overlooked Old Testament stories to inspire you in difficult times 

Let's face it, there are so many great stories in the Bible that often we can simply overlook some of the truly epic ones - the accounts that teach us about God, how He acts in the world and in our lives. That's particularly true of the rich, inspirational stories in the Old Testament.

So, open your Bible, sit back, review the context around these five stories and ask, "How do these relate to me?" Because, well, I guarantee they do.


Why This Podcast Is So Important Now

This is a podcast for today. We all need some inspiration on occasion, but today more than ever we need words of hope, words that breathe life into us. For those of faith, it can be a struggle to find comfort in a world that sometimes seems so foreign from the truth of the gospel.

And that is what we need today. Comfort. Inspiration.

Look, there are podcasts available of very good preachers and their sermons. But my passion is to focus on the insights fueling the epic, life-changing, inspirational sermons that change lives. And I want you to not only hear from the best preachers in America, but also to hear the stories behind their insights – to think as they do.

I have seen the power of a sermon to transform a life. A preacher takes a truth of the Bible, and packages in such a way that the words therein have – well, a unique kind of power, one that transforms lives. How do those insights, those words change hearts and minds? It was that question that pursued me, that I could not get away from; it was that question that inspired this podcast.

I hope you’ll join me.

Robert LeFavi

Rev. Dr. Bob LeFavi | MDiv, PhD, DMin

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The inspiring story of Horatio Spafford is a wonderful example of faith during times of loss. But for most people, grief is long, difficult road of mixed emotions where one often feels lost, angry, depressed and confused. How can we, as Christians, support and encourage our friends and family members who are grieving the loss of a loved one? Pr. Bob explores. If you have experienced a death in your circle of family and friends, don’t miss this episode!

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Do you worry? Does your worrying sometimes consume you? And do you worry about your worrying because, after all, Jesus tells us we shouldn’t worry? In the end, is worrying and anxiety a faith thing? Face it, especially in 2020, anxiety is everywhere. So, how are we as Christians to manage it? And how do we follow Jesus’s commands about worrying? In this episode, dynamic preacher Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins gives practical advice so we may “take heart” and defeat the anxiety that can steal our joy!

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How often do you forgive someone genuinely and from your heart? And what, if anything, has to happen for you to forgive? Do you need remorse to be shown? Does it need to be something “forgivable”? What if the damage that has been done to you is extreme, horrendous? What if, God forbid, someone recklessly causes the death of members of your family? Could you ever even get to the point of being ready to forgive? This true story will inspire you to re-think your own beliefs about your ability to forgive others and the very nature of “radical forgiveness.”

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Have you ever considered that if you tried hard enough and if you were good enough you could contribute to your own salvation? While that concept is about as far from Christianity as one could get, that thinking still makes its way into the church. The apostle Paul addressed the idea of reverting back to the works of the law in his letter to the Galatians. In this episode, Rev. John McGowan tackles Galatians 3:1-5 and unpacks its meaning for us.

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Can relationships get to a point where they can become too burdensome? How do we respond when we believe they do? What is it about our human nature to feel that sometimes we have reached our limit in a relationship? And more importantly, what does that recognition tell us about who God is? Join Pr. Bob as he uses experiences from his ministry to delve deeper into the nature of both humanity and divinity.

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The best preachers use their skills, talents, and life experiences to unpack scriptures and present them in ways that inspire and uplift. They often have a charisma and presentation style that engages their audience in multiple ways. Yet, more than that, the best preachers tend to approach scripture differently. They ask questions others don’t often ask, questions that provide listeners with skills to create a new life, one that is richer and more meaningful, where they draw nearer to God. In this episode, Pr. Bob highlights one of the most important questions preachers can ask their congregations. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this episode is for you.

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We all want to feel blessed by God, or at least feel as if we are in the right place and doing the right things to be blessed by God. But, what if receiving God’s blessings has nothing to do with any of that? What if being blessed by God is more a matter of the heart? Fact is, while we do not orchestrate or dictate God’s blessings, we really don’t have to guess who God blesses and in what circumstances He blesses His children; He has shown us throughout scripture. The Rev. David Kibler reflects on God’s blessings as we discuss his sermon: Who Does God Bless?

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Do you believe in the power of prayer? Why? What happens when you pray? Do you get answers? If not, why not? And what if the answer you get is not what you were praying for? Was that prayer ineffective? When should you give up praying for something? What is prayer supposed to do anyway? These questions are common in the life of a Christian, but so often we are reluctant to address them. In this episode, the Rev. Dr. Judy Kincaid discusses her sermon on prayer based on Luke 18, verses 1 through 8, and her insights may change the way you pray.

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What do you do when the plan you had for your life runs off the road and into a ditch? How do you deal with the pain and disappointment that comes from shattered dreams? And is God to blame, or even to be found? If you’ve ever found yourself angry and depressed over events that have altered the plans for your life, then you know how your faith can be challenged. And if you’ve ever said, “I never thought I would be in this situation, and I am struggling to survive it!,” then this episode is for you.

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You think of yourself as a Christian and you’re trying to be a faithful believer, yet sometimes you just can’t help but have doubts. Thoughts that maybe God isn’t really paying attention to you, working things out in your life for good, or that He doesn’t have your back, they just creep in; you can’t help it. And to top it off, you meet people who seem to have a rock solid relationship with God where they are so sure of their beliefs. They never seem to doubt anything about God, who He is, and His role in their lives. Do you ever wonder why you can’t be like that? Ever think, “What’s wrong with me?” You don’t want to doubt, but you do. In this episode, the Rev. Mark Schaefer discusses his sermon on faith and doubt (John 20:19-31), and his insights are both encouraging and inspiring. Don’t miss this one!

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Have you ever considered that wherever you go you bring the Kingdom of God with you? That as a Christian you’re in effect a walking, talking embassy? And your home? Kingdom territory! An embassy in a foreign land. So, do you act as an ambassador for Christ? Do you take your role as a representative of Christ seriously? When was the last time you shared your faith with someone who needed to hear about Jesus? Rev. Mark Vander Tuig shares his experiences and explains one of the most important roles of a Christian – being an ambassador for Christ.

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A key tenet of the Christian faith, forgiveness can often be a difficult task. And the most difficult person for us to forgive sometimes is ourselves. In this “In Focus” episode, Pr. Bob discusses how we can begin the process of self-forgiveness and free ourselves from burden of guilt and shame. Perhaps you can relate to the story Pr. Bob tells of a church member whose guilt has held her back from fully living.

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Are you a Christian? If so, why? Have you ever thought about that? Or more succinctly, if someone asks you why you are a Christian can you give a good, concise answer? What experiences have you had that confirm your faith? In short, amidst all the world’s religions, why Christianity? Few people are ever genuinely asked, and fewer still have an answer prepared. In this episode, Rev. Dr. Charley Reeb provides an answer; he discusses what the Christian faith says about God and you.

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“But who do you say that I am?” Jesus asked His disciples. Peter answered, and he got it so right – until he didn’t. When we grow in Christian discipleship and when we help others grow as disciples, it is our chief goal to simply get to the confession, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God”? Rev. Dr. Jim Shaddix tells us there is a lot to unpack in Peter’s confession and in Jesus’s statements that follow in Matthew 16. And why does Jesus tell His disciples not to tell anyone? Dr. Shaddix’s insights may bring you to a new level of understanding of discipleship.

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Is there a barrier in your life, something preventing you from going to where you believe God wants you to be? Then, listen closely to the Rev. Dr. Mary Hulst as she describes how the same God that brought the Israelites across impossible barriers can do the same for you!

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Know the feeling of being blown away by a sermon? Great preachers have gifts that enable them to uncover and present the scriptures in ways that are life-changing and life-giving. In this trailer, Dr. Bob describes the importance of truly “inspirational sermons” – those that breathe life into us – and why this podcast is for you.

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You Won’t Find A Better Resource!

Every pastor who prepares sermons needs help in thinking through all of the different facets that go into creating and delivering an effective sermon. Fortunately there is such help in the podcast “Inspirational Sermons: Insights from America’s Best Preachers” with Dr. Bob LeFavi. You won’t find a better resource anywhere nor a more congenial host. Check it out!

Dr. Steve Lowe
Graduate Program Director, Liberty University

A Must Have In Our Household

Bob's podcast is a must have in our household and the best way for our family to start our day. The insights are relatable, easy to understand and gives us encouragement in our daily walk with Christ. It is just what we need as we seek to not only know God more fully but have the inspiration to serve and grow as his disciples.

Angela Gallo-Wilkinson, RD, LDN, CSSD
President, Total Nutrition Technology, Inc.

A Reliable Guide!

Bob LeFavi’s podcast is a reliable guide to the best preaching from around the country. Bob’s knowledge, experience and encouraging spirit will make Inspirational Sermons a go-to resource for anyone who’s ready to learn from today’s best preachers.

Dr. Robb Redman
Former Dean, College of Theology, South University

This Podcast Is Part Of the Best Preachers Project

What Do The Best Preachers Do?

The Best Preachers Ask Questions About Scripture Many Don't Ever Consider.

Meet Rev. Dr. Bob LeFavi

Rev. Dr. “Bob” LeFavi’s passion is for lifelong learning. Bob earned a BS, MBA, and PhD - cultivating a career in academia - all before attending Erskine Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Divinity degree. He later earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of the South. Bob presently serves as Dean of the Beaufort Campus at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. He has planted two churches and currently pastors Bethel Lutheran Church, Springfield, Georgia. With a belief in servant leadership, Bob created The Oasis Center — a nonprofit providing free counseling to persons in crisis.

Bob is fascinated by great preaching, life-changing sermons, homiletic skills, and the factors that bring about belief. His describes barriers to faith in his 1999 book, Reasons to Believe. Bob sees scripture as a living, breathing thing and loves to ask, "What if we go deeper into this passage? What are we missing?" His academic research and popular press articles have led to interviews on CBS News, CNN and quotes as an expert in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, and Parade magazines. Bob's research on spiritual life review in the terminally ill has received critical acclaim. He has been married to the former Susan Sutherland for 36 years. They have three children.

Robert LeFavi

Rev. Dr. Bob LeFavi | MDiv, PhD, DMin

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