“Inspirational Sermons”: Who Are The Best American Preachers And What Makes Them Great?

Let’s face it, some preachers are just plain talented. The best American preachers have God-given gifts, and they are effective and successful because of those gifts.

The Best American Preachers Are Effective And Successful, Not Necessarily Famous

You see, the best preachers in America are not typically found on TV late at night in $5,000 suits while asking for money. Nope. They are not highlighted for their church attendance or massive expense account either.

The best American preachers are found in humble, yet thriving and vibrant churches as they work diligently to unwrap the Word of God in ways that breathe life into people.

That’s what the “Inspirational Sermons” podcast is all about.

Charley Reeb is Senior Pastor and one of the Best American Preachers
Rev. Dr. Charley Reeb is Senior Pastor at Johns Creek UMC in Georgia.

Life-Giving, Inspirational Sermons

Just as in the beginning the Holy Spirit moved across the face of the waters and breathed life into this world, so too these preachers – with the same Holy Spirit – use their God-given talents to breathe life into people.

Their sermons are thoughtful and deep; their delivery is passionate and sincere. Their messages give life, inspire, motivate and provide hope. Their messages are deep and have the capability to re-orient a listener’s life.

The best American preachers have an uncanny ability to discern from scripture truths many of us cannot see, or have difficulty describing. And they present their insights in ways that hit souls and transform lives.

Rev. Dr. Jim Shaddix is W.A. Criswell Chair of Expository Preaching, Southeastern Seminary, North Carolina.
Rev. Dr. Jim Shaddix is W.A. Criswell Chair of Expository Preaching, Southeastern Seminary, North Carolina.

It’s All About The Preaching

I’ve heard it countless times: “Well, I would go to church more often, I just don’t get anything out of the sermons.” And I get that. I’ve experienced that as well. For me, the music always fine. Sure, I have my favorite hymns and songs, but I am not going to make a stink about any hymn or style of music if it is sung or played with respect, passion and joy.

The liturgy? Never a deal-breaker for me either. High church, low church; as long as the scripture is read and there are no animal sacrifices, I’m good. Oh, and wine or grape juice, sprinkling or immersion – I’m just not getting into a brawl about any of that. I know it’s important to others, just not to me.

Me? I need to be fed by the sermon. I want to understand the scriptures at a deeper level and hear how it applies to me. I want to leave that sermon uplifted, with new ideas about the very nature of God and my relationship with Him. I want the Bible to inspire me, to bring me to a new reality in my life. Deep inside I know the scriptures should inspire me daily to follow God more closely every day, to be fearless and make the changes I need to make to live a filled with joy, adventure, love and peace. But truth be told, I still need that encouragement, that inspiration. Maybe you feel that way too.

That’s why I formed an initiative called The Best Preachers Project.

Another One Of The Best American Preachers Is Rev. Dr. Mary Hulst is University Pastor at Calvin University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Rev. Dr. Mary Hulst is University Pastor at Calvin University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Preachers Mentioned In This Post

The Best Preachers Project

The Best Preachers Project is an initiative comprised of theologians, preachers and lay persons who identify and research preachers for the designation as one of the best preachers in America. The group receives nominations for the distinction as well. The criteria used to evaluate these preachers are:

  • Do their sermons inspire, uplift and motivate listeners to act in ways that bring about positive life changes?
  • Do their sermons reflect a diligent studying of the scripture such that new insights are provided that enhance a listener’s understanding of themselves, God or their life as a Christian?
  • Do their sermons reflect scriptural truths that provide hope and breathe life into listeners?
  • Do they deliver their sermons in ways that connect to and educate their audience?

In short, the Best Preachers Project asks, “What do the Best American Preachers do?” And, “What are the stories of these preachers that have brought them to their sermons’ life-changing insights?”

Want to hear the best preachers in America? Join us on the “Inspirational Sermons” podcast. Be inspired, not only by the messages but also by the people behind the epic, inspirational sermons of the Best Preachers in America!

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Bob LeFavi

As pastor, professor and researcher, Dr. Bob is dedicated to exploring sermons that inspire people and breathe life into them. His passion is to seek out the best preachers in America, highlighting how they use their insights to change lives.

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