Evangelist Cindy Griffiths on The Road to Forgiveness

How often do you forgive someone genuinely and from your heart? And what, if anything, has to happen for you to forgive? For instance, do you need remorse to be shown? Does it need to be something "forgivable"? Or what if the damage that has been done to you is extreme, horrendous? What if, God forbid, someone recklessly causes the death of members of your family? Could you ever even get to the point of being ready to forgive?

In this episode, Evangelist Cindy Griffiths will inspire and edify you. As she shares her true story, you will be challenged to re-think your own beliefs about your ability to forgive others and the very nature of "radical forgiveness."

Evangelist Cindy Griffiths is one of the best preachers in America.

Cindy Griffiths

While not a pastor, Evangelist Cindy Griffiths is one of the best preachers of the gospel you will ever hear. Her message of forgiveness is grounded not only in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also in a life tragedy that tested her Christian commitment in ways few could even imagine. Her story is both compelling and inspirational, and one can't hear it without appreciating Cindy as gifted, talented and genuine witness to the gospel.

Cindy’s Witness

Cindy’s full story and witness can be found in the book, “The Road to Forgiveness: Hearts Shattered by Tragedy, Transformed by Love,” which she co-authored with Bill Griffiths and which can be found anywhere books are sold and on Amazon

Cindy can be contacted for speaking engagements through her website, http://www.cindygriffiths.life/

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As pastor, professor and researcher, Dr. Bob is dedicated to exploring sermons that inspire people and breathe life into them. His passion is to seek out the best preachers in America, highlighting how they use their insights to change lives.

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