Get Inspired: The Best Preachers In America Share Insights Behind Their Most Life-Changing Sermons

Something’s different. You can feel it. You didn’t anticipate anything life-altering happening, but there it is. And you’ll never forget this moment. You’ve just heard one of America’s best preacher’s life-changing sermons, something that has altered your view of who you are, who God is, your life.

Blown Away By Life-Changing Sermons

It seemed like a normal church service. You were just sitting there, nothing unusual. Then, the preacher said something or explained something in such a way that it shook you to your core. And you sit there – riveted for a moment – knowing that message is not only for you but the truth of it is also able to change the direction of your life. It’s as if your eyes have been opened to a new reality and your spirit uplifted.

Something just changed. You feel different, lighter even as you go throughout the day, trying hard to put into practice what the preacher said. And you pray you never forget the impact of that message. For you, it was indeed life-changing, and you are inspired to act on it.

Life-Changing Sermons
Every been blown away by a sermon? If so, it was because it breathed life into and inspired you.

The “Inspirational Sermons” podcast is created to explore the experience of being changed by a sermon.

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes an epic, life-altering sermon. I have seen the power of a sermon to transform a life. A preacher takes a truth of the Bible, and packages in such a way that the words therein have a power that is fundamentally unmatched in other areas of life. How do those insights, those words change hearts and minds? It was that question that pursued me, that I could not get away from; it is the question that fuels our podcast.

Look, there are podcasts out there of very good preachers and their sermons. But this podcast focuses on the insights that fuel the epic, life-changing sermons that change lives.

Consider this: The Holy Spirit impacts people on God’s time-frame, for the “wind blows where it will. You hear its sounds, but you can’t tell where it comes from or where it’s going.” True. But – and this is an important “but” – God uses highly gifted preachers to create and present those life-changing sermons and messages.

You see, some preachers are simply exceptionally talented at being able to unpack and discern truths of God that others of us miss. They tend to approach scripture differently, ask different questions of it, think about it differently. And because of that, they provide insights that are deeper than we often see and present the messages of the Bible in ways that cause us to have those epiphanies that are capable of re-orienting our entire lives, motivating us to change the price tags on the things we once thought were important and those we didn’t. This is part of the reason we started the “Best Preachers Project”.

Great preachers know how to present the scriptures in ways that can re-order and give meaning to our lives.

It’s as if that truth had been there all along, we just didn’t see it. And it took a talented preacher to uncover it (like the peeling back of the layers of an onion) and show it to us. All through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is my hope for you.

My hope is that when you listen to the insights behind epic, inspirational sermons by the most gifted preachers in America you will feel that your life can change because of what you’ve heard. My hope is that you can continue to be fed by their ideas and thoughts as they unpack the scriptures so that this podcast becomes your place to be inspired to follow God more closely.

My hope is that these words will breathe life into you, and in doing be the fuel for you to make the changes necessary to live a full, abundant life in God – without fear, more joyful and full of adventure. My hope is that what you hear in this podcast will open your eyes to new realities about God that rock your world and lift you up.

If any of that sounds interesting, then the “Inspirational Sermons” podcast is for you.

About the author

Bob LeFavi

As pastor, professor and researcher, Dr. Bob is dedicated to exploring sermons that inspire people and breathe life into them. His passion is to seek out the best preachers in America, highlighting how they use their insights to change lives.

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Inspirational Sermons - Insights from the best preachers in America

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