Rev. John McGowan on One Size Fits All

Have you ever considered that if you tried hard enough and if you were good enough you could contribute to your own salvation? While that concept is about as far from Christianity as one could get, that thinking still makes its way into the church.

The apostle Paul addressed the idea of reverting back to the works of the law in his letter to the Galatians. In this episode, Rev. John McGowan – one of the best preachers in America – tackles Galatians 3:1-5 and unpacks its meaning for us.

The Rev. John McGowan is Lead Pastor at Restoration City Church, Arlington, VA.

Pr. John McGowan

Rev. John McGowan was a student at Georgetown University when he discovered the beauty of the gospel and became a follower of Jesus. In the years that ensued, he has led college ministries, has been a teaching pastor, and has been involved in church planting, including the church where he is currently Lead Pastor – Restoration City Church in Arlington, VA (Washington, DC, area).

Pr. McGowan’s sermon

Pr. John’s sermon, entitled “One Size Fits All,” can be seen and heard in its entirety here, or by copying and pasting the following link into a browser:

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As pastor, professor and researcher, Dr. Bob is dedicated to exploring sermons that inspire people and breathe life into them. His passion is to seek out the best preachers in America, highlighting how they use their insights to change lives.

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