Rev. Mark Vander Tuig On Being An Ambassador

Have you ever considered that wherever you go you bring the Kingdom of God with you? That as a Christian you're in effect a walking, talking embassy? And your home? Kingdom territory! An embassy in a foreign land. So, do you act as an ambassador? Do you take your role as a representative of Christ seriously? When was the last time your shared your faith with someone who needed to hear about Jesus? In episode 5, dynamic preacher Rev. Mark Vander Tuig shares his experiences and explains one of the most important roles of a Christian – being an ambassador for Christ.

The Rev. Mark Vander Tuig is Service Coordinator for Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC)

Link to Pr. Mark’s sermon:

Pr. Mark Vander Tuig’s sermon, discussed in episode 5, is available in its entirety here or by pasting the following link into a browser:

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