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Know the feeling of being blown away by a sermon? Great preachers have gifts that enable them to uncover and present the scriptures in ways that are life-changing and life-giving. In this trailer, Dr. Bob describes the importance of truly “inspirational sermons” – those that breathe life into us – and why this podcast is for you.

Riveted. Changed. Uplifted. Inspired.

If you are easily inspired, this podcast is for you
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We’ve all had the experience. Perhaps it’s happened only once or twice in our lives, maybe more regularly, but we’ve all had it. Something in a sermon, something a gifted preacher said, explained, just hits you deep inside – gives life to you.

That feeling – that because of what you’d just heard, your life can change – that’s what this podcast is all about.

I’ve heard it described many times by people, and I’ve felt it myself – the Word of God was preached in such a way, or uncovered in such a way, or explained in such a way – that it hits your heart and mind so that – well, you are inspired to live life differently. You see yourself differently, God differently, your purpose differently, the life you are living – complete with its challenges and opportunities – differently. Your eyes are opened to a new reality from scripture, and your life can change because of it.

That revelation – that you can live your life differently because of a truth of scripture you just heard – that is what I want you all to feel when you listen to this podcast.

What I call Inspirational Sermons

America's best preachers provide inspirational sermons
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And the word inspirational is exactly the right word. For in the beginning, God breathed life into this world as His Spirit hovered over the face of the waters. And in the same way, America’s most gifted preachers are able to – through the same Holy Spirit and their own God-given talents and insights – present the scriptures in ways that breathe life into people, lift them up, and enable them to live new lives, freer and more joyful.
But here’s the thing, and I have to be honest about this: While all preachers are called, some are exceptionally capable of uncovering, discerning and communicating the Word of God in particularly gifted ways. They appear to approach scripture differently, think about it differently, relate it to us differently.

Let’s face it. Most churchgoers may experience perhaps somewhere between 5 and 10 preachers in their lifetime – maybe more, but probably not many more. What if you had the chance to not only hear the sermons that will rock your world from the best preachers in America, but also what is behind those insights – the stories that led that pastor to that truth? If that intrigues you, this podcast is for you.

Best Preacher Project

What you will hear is part of the Best Preacher Project, a group dedicated to exploring the most inspirational, life-changing sermons of the most talented preachers in America. What insights did that preacher bring that was unique and life-giving? What were the points presented, the insights uncovered, the explanations provided or the applications explained that are capable of changing how you see your life as a Christian? How did that pastor approach scripture so that people who hear it are inspired to live a better life, a life that more closely resembles God’s will for them? What are their experiences that have brought these gifted pastors to that place?

What makes a great preacher great?

Prepare to experience the most live-giving insights from the best preachers this country has to offer. Prepare to encounter the most thoughtful Christian minds in America – not to take the place of your local pastor, but to add to your Christian growth.

What you will find is that there are ideas and insights about scripture you have never heard – different layers of looking at God’s Word – like the peeling back of the layers of an onion, and that those ideas and insights come from highly gifted minds that see in ways we often don’t see – things we would have never thought of or considered. And that is a gift – a gift used by the Holy Spirit – to touch your heart and mind in a way that breathes life into you, inspires you to be all God created you to be, empowers you.

Let me be clear that the best preachers in America are – typically – not found on cable TV at night. Their success is not judged by the number of folks coming to their church, or how much money they make or whether they have a private jet or not. No, the best preachers in America are often found in humble yet thriving churches, where they work hard to uncover God’s truths in scripture and present them in ways that inspire others. They are dedicated Christians in whom God has placed unique gifts to breathe life into us.

So, Why This Podcast?

Do you need some inspiration now? Do you want to experience again that uplifting feeling of having heard the scripture described in a way that can change your life? Are you interested in hearing the most inspirational insights in outstanding, life-giving sermons from the best preachers in America? Then – committed Christian or seeker – this podcast is for you.

About the author

Bob LeFavi

As pastor, professor and researcher, Dr. Bob is dedicated to exploring sermons that inspire people and breathe life into them. His passion is to seek out the best preachers in America, highlighting how they use their insights to change lives.

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Inspirational Sermons - Insights from the best preachers in America

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